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2012 Augusztus 8-án  abban a megtiszteltetésben részesültem, hogy elfogadta meghívásomat Horváth Kornél ütőhangszeres-művész  és Lantos Zoltán hegedűművész! Drums&Strings néven futott az este, és csodálatos magasságokba  emelt ez a két remek ember!      


formation. I prefer to work in the I feel good in many kinds of style and field of world-music , no matter what style it is mixed with. I play music individually and with companions too, from drum-show to psychedelic jazz-rock. I also like mouth organ which I had the chance to learn from Tamás Szabó (Palermo Boogie Gang, Spoo-Dee-O-Dee). As for the percussion instruments, I can call Gábor Szendi my master, I still go to him to improve myself. I could also learn from the family Dely during a workshop, and from Fernando Paiva and Gyuri Balogh. One of the most determining experiences in my life was when   I could play together with Shango Dely, the

Dely brothers during the Jeszenszky István concert in Kiscell Museum.

  In the summer 2008 I could take part in a tough competition thanks to the Mondala orchestra. After winning the March semi-final, Mondala won the first prize of the Pop Genius Talent Competition –organized by Intereuroshow – in world music category on 30 July in Budapest.   Naturally, the previously mentioned musical instruments turned of here, but the main role was played by their more dynamic mates: Conga, bongo, talking drum, djembe, caun, udu, Cegléd can, water-lily, balafon, tabla, def, mouth organ, gatodrum, fujara, kaval, jinglers, shakers, effects, and other sound-making devices.


A kegyes sors jóvoltából ismét teljesült egy régi vágyam! 2011 04. 14.-én a veszprémi Pannon Egyetem  zenei csemegék rendezvényére  elfogadta meghívásunkat Horváth Kornél ütőhangszeres művész! Köszönet mindenkinek! Csodálatos nap volt! A műsor első felében Kövi Arthur Bálinttal, és Franczia Danival muzsikáltunk, majd Horváth Kornél kápráztatott el bennünket. A fináléban mind a négyen örömzenéltünk! Kora live by Cosmos trioAzt hiszem az improvizatív világzene a kedvenc műfajom! Természetesen itt előkerülnek az eddig ismertetett hangszerek, de dinamikusabb társaiké a főszerep: conga, bongo, beszélődob, djembe, cajon, udu, ceglédikanna, darbuka, vizitök, balafon, tabla, def, szájharmónika, gatodrum, fujara, kaval, csörgők, shakerek, effektek és egyéb zajkeltő eszközök.

The tale of the past

Sóos Arnold meditácós zene Once upon the time there was a little boy. He was not interested in music and arts, but he liked riding the mtorbike… Then, when he had broken many of his bones, had reached puberty, and had been interested in the things of the world, he stared searching. He tried out many things, but could not find his place. His moustache also became stronger, when his friends in music started to invite him to parties and festivals. Wow, he liked that so much! He was marvelling and gasping for breath. However, watching is not as good as doing it. He decided to buy a mouth-organ set at the age of twenty, since he had no musical education. He drew and blew it as much as he could, and meanwhile thought that it would be easier to get closer to girls from the stage which later turned out to be false. Then came an orchestra.As the Rithm&Blues started, he faced his lacks. Luckily, a good friend who was always frank called and helped. And so did a master by whom the boy understood that music is more than every-day reality. After difficulties and disappointments, his interest turned towards percussion instruments (the mouth organ also goes, of course). His mania in collecting musical instruments, compulsion in playing everything that can be played: these symptoms can also be found today. Meanwhile the boy learnt to cope with himself alone, and this led him to his real friends in music. After the greatest masters and the biggest kicks in the pants, music transformed into a confession and holy mystery in him in every genre – from meditation music to Rockabilly. The boy experienced that music is a way of life in reality, a legal consciousness expanding device. Since that time he has been entering the empire of voices with religious devotion. He has been searching perfect happiness through music which he would like to share with everybody who listens to it, feels it and takes part in it. He was born on 25 September, 1972 at 00:50. he has got two loves, one of them is music… Arnold Soós Hungary Veszprém +36209568149

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