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Relaxation music

Free relaxing music !  Tibetan singing bowls Tibeti tálak by Arnold SoósRelaxation music is close to my heart. Here, mood and emotions play the main role. The aim is to reach the state of relaxation. Forgetting about the outer world, freedom of the moment without a self waits for us here. Relaxation music is also suitable for background music, yoga, massage and before sleeping. I am Arnold Soós, an egzotic multiinstrumentalist. In the first place, I work in the field of meditation music, relaxation music, world music, drumshow, dancing performances, musical yoga, sound massage, ceremony music (wedding), exhibition opening, solo concerts. I have played as a poem accompaniment, background music, musical instrument premiere, in circuses, on ships, in orchestras and even in caves too…I love improvising. Some say that I can. But if it is necessary, I can learn many things too.

Meditacion music

I compose meditation music, and I also perform them with the help of special devices like a ’looper’ which provides live recorded accompaniment, and results complex sound. A totally acoustic concert is also possible without any amplification. We can practice the known and applied meditation techniques while we listen to meditation music. The effects of the sounds on our body and mind can be observed. We can direct the meditation sounds to our organs to help their work and functioning.

Meditation concert

It is an all night long concert, with the well-known spiritual and exotic musical instruments of sound massage, even in an acoustic way or with modern technical supplementaries. It is a live concert, the sound comes into being on the spot, at that very moment. With a special approach of music, we can take our energy from relaxation to extasy even with the help of visual accessories like a projector or slides. I collected my experience in meditation concerts as the accompaniment of István Jeszenszky, Szabolcs Kövi and Bella Bagdi.

Some good advice for meditation music

1. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes, and do nothing but take care of the influx and outflow of the air through your nose. 2. When you feel that you are in balance, start the music. Let yourself be outcome by the music, the gently varied and gradually undone musical themes and the team work of the musical instruments. Meanwhile forget about time. 3. Follow the voice of only one instrument. Let it lead you anywhere. When thoughts push in your mind, do not start dealing with them, let them go past and go on listening to the music. 4. Discover every moment of music. After it is over, sit still for a couple of minutes and taste the joy that you have discovered in it.

Conscious music playing

If you play any kinds of musical instruments, ascend from any technical restrictions, from the mechanism of „ perfect play”. As a variant of meditation, focus on the tone of the song, and melt together with the melody while playing.


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