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Even the ancient wise men realised that the different quivering and voice making devices, musical instruments, voices have a good effect on mind, body and soul. 80 % of our body consists of water. Masaru Emoto proved in his previous experiments that water has got an information receiver and transporter role in our bodies. During voice massage the vibration of singing bowls deeply penetrates our skin, muscles and reaches the cells to restore our vibration, harmony and peace. This vibration softly gives our accupuncture points, chakras, meridinas a massage, fills up our aura. It helps us existing in the moment. Every chakra can be connected to a given sound. With special devices, the chakra system can be balanced. The vibration domain of musical instuments recreates the balance that was previously disturbed.

The effect mechanism of sound masage

During the treatment we can easily get to alpha state. Beta state: an adult’s general brain wave in awaking state, the brain produces 20 electric impulses Alpha state: 7-14 Hz/sec In alpha state we feel loosening, calmness, the body’s self-healing mechanism starts. If we graduallly and consciously spend some time in this state, we will become more creative, we will learn and work more efficiently, and will concentrate better. The untreated negative stress causes energetic blocks in our constitutions. If we feel ourselves exhausted, there is disharmony in our bodies. When we throw a stone in a lake, concentric circles come into being, and waves cross the lake. Something similar happens in our bodies during sound massage. We place bowls on different points of our body from which the vibration gets and flows into the organ in concentric cirlcles making the cells move. They relieve the energy blocks, tune our energy waves to revibrate in the most proper frequency.

About the bowls:

The Tibetan singing bowls are made of the alloy of 7-14 metals. They have a very intense effect on human organs because they are rich in „overtone” (overtone is the sounding when besides the keynote one or more higher sounds develop at the same time) Effects of sound massage: Prevention (prevention of illnesses) Stress, deep relaxation Strenghtening the immune-system Easier reaching the meditative, relaxed state Energetisation Easier finding the inner peace and harmony Starting the self-healing process Alleviating stress Helps keeping us in the moment Causes relaxation is us Sound massage can be done for those who suffer from spinal complains and joint diseases Last but not least, it is a personal concert which you can physically feel in „your cells”, since the instruments are put on the body. The price of sound massage is 5000 HUF for a person. You can buy a gift token as well. (Christmas, birthday, etc.) Sound massage is also suitable for couples at the same time up to 3 persons. – for 2 persons the price is 4000 HUF/person – for 3 persons 3000 HUF/person Group reduction! Musical instruments applied during sound massage. tibeti éneklő tálak

  • Shanti
  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Sansula
  • Hang
  • Aquaphone
  • Drums
  • Didgeridoo
  • Chinese magic bowl

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