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 Dear HANG friend!

You have searched for this unique Swiss percussion instrument, and you have found it…



The Blue Point Steel Harp

I have been healing myself and hopefully others – who listen to my music – with HANG for about 5-6 years (of course with the other instruments). Although, I do not believe in healing music, but rather in the healing effect of good music. And it is proved scientifically. Of course, it is the matter of taste too… I would be very surprised if commerce, amusing, agressive or manipulative music turned out to have healing effect. Maximum as placebo effect. Loop Hang La Fuente mix Loop Hang La Fuente Mix by Arnold Soós Loop Hang Loop Hang by Arnold Soós


Inventors do not make HANG as a musical instrument, but as a light-bringing device, a seismic mirror. What does it mean? I do not know. But it really has a positive effect on my life, and so do my other instruments. Every HANG owners I know has the same experience. We all have a basic vibrancy, a basic voice. This is sounded brilliantly by the HANG. For me, it also functions perfectly as a musical instrument as well, in this case, my opinion derives from the ones of the producers. I regard it to be the most significant sound, musical instrument of the 21st century.   HANG is a very unique and rare Swiss musical instrument which is said to be one of the most special instrument invention in the 21st century. It got its name from its Swiss producers – apart from its Hungarian meaning. The first piece was made in Bern in 2000. Its inventors were Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner who loved the Steeldrum – originated in the Caribbean sea – and had been studying and developing the magic of preparing the Steeldrum for almost 20 years. HANG is a musical instrument which is based on the vibracy of steel, and its atmosphere can rather be compared to 8 tuned church bells. It is special, because its etheral melodies sound some very deep and tanscendent string in people, which was forgotten long ago by many of us, and lots of us search for it in everyday reality. According to its producers, if somebody plays it in a proper way, his guardian angel starts singing, and this song makes its resonance so special. Since 2000 about 400 HANGs are made every year, all of them are hand-made, since their producers follow the route of developing and improvementing sound quality instead of mass producton. Today there are about 5-6 thousand musical instruments in the world. In Hungary there are only about 10-20. Rather 10. I got my wonderful instrument called Pygmy in 2004. A bought it second-hand from a blessed man. Thank you. Thank you. From two pieces I rather liked C-mol, G dinges. Unfortunatelly, I did not have any money for the other one then… I soon managed to fall in love with. It causes dependence, look out! But it is a beautiful dependence. It is a higher tuned (9 voices) musical instrument of the better kind. I love it!   I use it acoustically for meditation, sound massage, soul stroking. If I play at a concert or for many people, it is the best if I do it amplified. It is not easy to use it with a microphone, but with a good technician, it is able to perform a miracle on the stage too. Gyula Görgényi is the best in this field I have ever met. I also use it in orchestras, but with loud musical instruments it is only good with really good colleagues. It works best as the accompaniment of a Live-Act. In this case, I accompany myself live with the help of this modern device. It is pretty effective.  


The producers called to me that HANG is not a drum. Although, drums are also holy musical instruments for me, I try to use the proper name to honour the producers. You can get the fairest information about our UFO musical instrument on website Hang blog.


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